guards & patrols

scheduled property patrols

Need a security guard in cairns? 

Cairns security has static guards, mobile patrol guards and crowd controllers.

Need a mobile security patrol in Cairns?

We also have nightly patrols checking on local businesses while they are unattended.  Set a schedule to suit your budget. All of our patrol guards are tracked with "trackon" geo-tagging app.  

duress response and alarm generated response

alarm has been tripped, burglar on premies!  Don't worry Eage Security offers 24hr alarm monitoring with a response patrol there in minutes and they are fully tracked by our exlusive Trakon App that geotags every step they make on and around your property.  They will remain onsite until you deem it necessary.

static guards and crowd controllers

Cairns Security has patrols on the street nightly in Cairns but we can also supply the seurity for your next wedding, fete, sporting event or we can supply a static guard to your shop opening or sale day, securegated premises or depots.  No Job is too big or too small.

Exclusive Reporting & Compliance

Cairns Security and Protection has exclusive access to state of art geotagging and audio visual file creation and reporting  via the "trackOn" app carried by our patrolmen 

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